Top 5 Domain Name search tools for branding

Choosing the right domain name for a product, services, or business brand is sometimes challenging, especially the steps to create an online identity. The entire process is crafty to develop a creative name that will explain your brand at sight. It should be snappy and easy to memorize, but because most top-level (TLDs) is no longer available, it makes the whole process more difficult. This is where domain name search tools come in. They are designed to suggest the best domain name prefix and suffix ideas.

Domain Name search tools

In this post, you will find Some of these domain suggestion tools to assist you with single word domains, among others. They have a wide variety of words you can use to craft unique web names.

  1. Lean Domain Search

It’s first on my list because it is one domain name search tool I have been using for years. This tool specializes in generating quirky and unique names, adding the best prefixes and suffixes to your search keyword. To start searching with this tool, enter your keyword in the search box.

Another amazing feature of this domain suggestion tool is its ability to quickly mark a search result you consider as an option to keep track when you are done glancing through.

  1. Domainr

Another Domain name research tool that allows you to search beyond one domain extension. It will show you .net, .com, .org, with the best domain names you can pick from.

  1. BustAName

As the name implies, this tool will help you find the best bet for your brand using word combiner from singe word domains. It will bring out similar words with available domain extensions. You can also switch between words, reorder words, save domains for review, and combine different words.

  1. Impossibility

Funny domain names search tools, but it works the impossible. It takes your keyword and adds it to other carefully selected verbs, nouns, and adjectives. Then proceed to search for unregistered domain names before showing the results. They have multiple servers, which makes the entire search process very fast.

  1. NameBoy

A technical domain name generator with a quality database that enables you to perform the best keyword search using two or more words: making hyphens and rhyming of words possible.

It’s straightforward to use. Type in your keyword and NameBoy automatically generates a huge list of potential domains you may consider fit. It will also show you their availability status.

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