What to look out for in a gaming laptop before purchase

Have you ever asked yourself what makes a good gaming laptop, or what to look out for in a gaming laptop before purchase? There are some essential features to be considered when purchasing a gaming laptop. This is required to answer “what gaming laptop should I buy” to deliver the best gaming experience. And I believe this post remains one of the gaming laptops guides before purchase. This post will enlighten you more on gaming laptops that will serve your purpose.

gaming laptop before purchase

Shopping the best gaming pc with lots of features can be tricky and even more confusing in 2020. There are so many competitive models on the market now; one has to be very careful when going through the maze to the right pick. Start from knowing the needs you seek to fulfill and your budget. I’m sure you will get one of the best gaming laptops on a low budget.

The difference between gaming laptops and regular laptops

If you are new to gaming laptop spec or what a gaming laptop is, and how it is different from the others, then pay more attention to this.

  1. Some of the significant features that make gaming laptops worth it is their heavy graphics card and higher configuration specially designed for graphics and gaming. A regular laptop comes with a simple graphics card, normal configuration, and RAM. A regular PC is shipped with 2gb or 4gb RAM, but a gaming laptop exceeds 4GB RAM.
  2. Most of the regular PC you will find online is shipped with 2 – 4GB RAM, but gaming PC support above 4GB RAM and more. The display of a gaming laptop is determined by the size and resolution of the screen. Gaming PC with higher resolution and screen size has the best gaming experience.

Are gaming laptops best for work?

The best feature in a gaming laptop is mainly for work purposes. More reason you should study the features to look out for in a gaming laptop. Office-tasks can be so demanding, especially big organizations like schools that involve multi-tasking. If you use the regular PC for such a task, you will experience regular slowdowns or freezes. These heavy tasks require powerful hardware to run office demands. Although the regular laptop is less expensive, battery life is a concern. You might want to settle for mid-range gaming laptops with the best battery life.

What are the key features of the best gaming laptops?

Certain features are required for a laptop to perform optimal gaming experiences. These features include;

  1. Graphics

A quality gaming laptop will have the quickest, best and latest graphics. Graphic chipset/graphics card should be a great feature to consider when purchasing a laptop for gaming. I can remember the last time I got a gaming Laptop; I was careful enough with the specs to be sure the graphics card on the laptop can be upgraded when the need arises. Although most laptop has this spec, you still have to look for the one that meets your standard.

From experience, I can tell some of the best graphics chipsets are Intel’s Graphics Media, NVIDIA ATi’s Mobility FireGL V3200, or ATi Mobility Radeon 9700, STMicro, SIS, Trident S3, 3D labs, and Matrox.gaming laptop graphics card

NVIDIA graphics card is popularly known for its integrated graphics cores. It remains the best and notably smarter than any other integrated chipset from other manufacturers. More interesting is NVIDIA compatibility for 3D gaming.

The ATI Mobility Radeon 9700 graphics card comes next. It enables your laptop to execute different functions. Among which include 3D, Mobile Video editing studio, HDTV, and graphics processor. The ATI Mobility Radeon 9700 is not only known for the quality of its graphics chipset, but it also gives the best performance while saving your battery consumption.

  1. RAM

This is another feature in a gaming laptop most PC users are already familiar with. It’s required for the best gaming experience. Random Access Memory or put RAM refers to the number of tasks your laptops can execute using different programs without slowing down. Before now, 512mb RAM was considered optimal for serious gamers. I’m not sure anyone will still go for a gaming laptop of 512mb anymore. Serious gamers or video editors target 16 to 32GB, which remains the best requirement to run gaming graphics.

The higher your RAM, the better your gaming laptop performance. 32GB ram is required to enjoy the best video graphics, 3D programs, and gaming in general.

Gaming pc RAM

VRAM is another feature to look out for in a gaming laptop. They are dedicated video RAM that comes with graphics chipsets like NVIDIA GeForce, ATI Radeon. They have their separate memories in MB and GB. It is a special RAM that is used by Video adapters inside a gaming laptop, which handles visuals and graphics. VRAM is needed for 3D graphics or gaming. NVIDIA nForce remains the best graphics card under this category.

If you are yet to get your first gaming laptop, then you should consider those with the highest VRAM graphics chipset that is affordable. You can refer to the media software, CD-case, or the laptop manual to find the best video memory requirements.

  1. Processor/Hard Drive

The most powerful gaming laptops are those with lots of CPU speed. I don’t think anyone will find it funny to be at the middle of a game or executing a quality video task and the computer freeze or crash. The hard drive of your computer Is where information is being sorted. So, the speed of your processor is influenced by its quality.

The speed of a computer brain is presented in gigahertz (GHz). You will find different brands and types of processors when looking for the best gaming laptops spec online. But I can assure you one of the popular processors you can get online is the Intel Core 2 Duo. This is popular because it used to be the best, but things have changed, and today you will find gaming laptops with Core i5, i7, and even higher processors. Your gaming laptop speed should exceed 2.5GHz

Gaming Laptop Hard Drive.

If I’m to suggest the best gaming laptops on sale for you, I will tell you to go for those with SATA. It means Serial Advanced Technology Architecture, and it is highly recommended for laptops because it uses less power than other hard drives. SATA is not limited to a single clock speed; this makes it stand out among other hard drives. Don’t be too careless not to notice the speed. I will recommend a gaming laptop spec from 7200rpm. This is one of the best you can ever get.

  1. Screen/Display

Another major specification to look out for in a gaming laptop is the screen. This plays a crucial role in graphics performance. I will prefer a 17-inch-wide screen because this size will deliver the right gaming experience. The display and resolution quality are capable of handling the 3D graphics.

Gaming laptop screen resolution

From different gaming PC online reviews, you will discover one of the best resolutions available is WUXGA; it means Widescreen Ultra Extended Graphics Array. It displays 1929 by 1200 pixels (2,304.000 pixels) with a 16:10 screen ratio.

From the above, one can quickly tell the difference between a gaming and a regular laptop is the combination of graphics, Screen resolution, Ram, and Processor speed. Have this in mind when looking for the best laptop to buy will provide you with magnificent gaming experience.

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