How to research a domain name for your brand or business

When building a business or personal website, the first question that comes to mind is searching a domain name. This, to some extent, will influence the rate of traffic when your site is live. Search engines are interested in domain brands that are simple to understand; search bots start uses the domain names to figure out its purpose. This article will teach you how to register a domain name for your brand or business using the right keyword, rank faster, and rank better than your competitors in your business niche.

research a domain name for your brand

If you have been in the marketing space for a while now, you will understand the importance of consistent branding worldwide. All you need is a god promotion, sharing, and networking with people. This is made possible when you find the right domain name for your business.

From my years of experience in marketing, simple and memorable domains are best for business brands. Like I will always tweet to my followers, Google is so much concerned about brands. When your brand is trusted, it becomes easy to rank your content on a search engine. Google algorithm focuses more on your brand popularity. I.e., The number of people typing your brand name on google search box daily.

There is a popular saying that everyone who is searching for something online prefers using google search box first. While this is somehow true, things worsen for those using long-tail keywords for their business domain names. Imagine using “” as your domain name. There are greater possibilities that your brand may not appear top 5 in search engine results.

business domain names

Things get worst when the smaller percent choose to use your domain name to search for your brand but can’t remember it. Either way, you are giving your competitors the upper hand because search engines may rank them before you.

Imagine a domain brands with the name “Nike” It will be easy for a potential customer to search for it, because there are little chances that competitors will ever appear top 5 in the search results, except for a paid advert. So, in your quest to find a domain name for your business, consider a catchy and memorable name. It will have a positive influence on your brand’s organic traffic.

Is it compulsory I choose a Dot. Com or another domain extension?

Finding the perfect domain name for your business is a bit difficult in this era. There is a popular saying that “most of the brandable domain names are gone.” It’s a nice feeling to own a .com domain name because of its popularity. For this reason, the price of domains keeps increasing, compared to what it was in the last 5-10 years. Way back, you will find the exact match for your domain brands (something like food .com), not anymore. It will surprise you to know Chinese investors bought all 4-letter words combinations. Even HKRV .com yes, someone bought it already.

find a domain name for your business

How do I get a domain name for my business?

If another business registers the domain for your desire brand name, you can go for another top-level (gTLD). I mean a .shop, .net, .online or something similar. This, from another angle, could mean losing trust and popularity. A potential customer searching for your brand doesn’t know the difference between a .com and .shop. So, this miss up will redirect your customers to your competitors.

You have little or nothing to fear looking for a domain name for your business if most of your traffic will come from organic search engines. Picking any domain extension won’t be a problem here. But don’t underestimate the importance of domain branding. I will recommend you pick a name that easy to remember.

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